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Perhaps it has occurred to you that the external hard drive attached to your Mac does not respond or you have accidentally erased some important files. I have tried to find out some of the software, which might help you in such situations. The feature lists and descriptions listed in this article are extracts from respective vendor websites. Unfortunately I cannot give you my own opinion about the products, as I haven’t tested them myself.

FileSalvage (US$ 89.95)
Mac software for OS X that will retrieve files that have been deleted (undelete), rescue data from corrupted media, and recover lost files from your hard drive or storage device.

If you lose any files that you want back, just run FileSalvage and if the deleted files have not been written over (of which there are usually good chances), it will recover them. Corruption does not detain FileSalvage. It will process any intact data on the disk and recover whole or partial files wherever they are found.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh – Data Recovery Software (US$ 199)
Mac data recovery software, recovers data from damaged, deleted, or corrupted volumes and even from initialized disks. An exhaustive scan of the drive is performed to locate lost partitions. All found data in the lost partition is then presented in a tree structure so that you can copy your lost files to a working volume. Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery Software is a quick, simple and easy to use Mac data recovery solution that helps you in file recovery in moments of disaster of a disk crash.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh supports the HFS and HFS+ file systems, and works fully in the Mac OS environment – the software can be installed natively on a machine having Mac OS X or higher.

Data Rescue II (US$ 99)
Focusing on data recovery, instead of hard drive repair, Data Rescue II will work in more cases, recover more effectively, and deliver your files in better condition than other utilities you may have tried in the past.

Data Rescue II analyzes your entire hard drive looking for your data, then it meticulously re-assembles your files and stores them to a different location.

BounceBack® Professional (US$ 69 -79)
Instantly BounceBack® from a complete disaster
Designed for Hard Drive based backup and recovery, BounceBack® Professional is the perfect backup solution for Windows and Macintosh professionals and home users who value their data and the time spent creating it. In today’s world, a disaster can occur at any moment whether a hard drive failure, virus attack, theft or loss. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of computers to use BounceBack®, the software does all the work for you. From the easiest setup to simple reminders and flexible features, BounceBack® takes the headache out of backup. If you’ve ever had a hard drive fail or a computer stolen, you know the pain associated with the loss of data and the time associated with getting up and running again. BounceBack® creates an exact copy of your computer hard drive enabling you to replace your failed hard drive with your backup drive or boot directly from your external backup drive (Mac only).

Accidental deletions and misplaced files are a fact of life. Fortunately, CMS’ QuickRestore feature offers immediate access to all previously backed up files. Just select the items to bring back and click on Restore.

Have you ever been working on a document, gone through several versions, and then realized the first or second draft was the best? With BounceBack®, changed files are backed up and maintained individually allowing you to review and compare all backed up versions of the same file.

VirtualLab™ Data Recovery Software for Macintosh (US$ ??)
If you’ve lost data, VirtualLab™ is the professional’s choice for getting it back. VirtualLab is non-destructive data recovery software that recovers deleted files, damaged or missing volumes and even formatted disks. An exhaustive scan of the drive is performed to locate lost partitions and files. Your data is presented in an finder-like view of files and directories so that you can copy your lost files to another safe location such as a networked drive or Firewire® drive.
VirtualLab™ recovers data from hard drives, CD-ROM, external devices (Zip, Jaz, Syquest), digital camera cards, Apple iPods, and much more! VirtualLab is compatible with Mac OS X and OS 9 (Classic).
Ordering is fast and easy direct from within the client you download. There is no ‘order processing delay’ to wait on, your recovery session is instantly authorized to save files.

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